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Heating Installation in The Woodlands

At Expo Heating & Cooling, we offer the best value on residential and commercial heating installation in The Woodlands. Our highly knowledgeable, accredited staff is hand selected and trained in innovative install techniques, in any type of building. We are EPA certified and provide forward thinking, reliable heating and cooling solutions that align with your budget and your home comfort needs.

Keep your heating costs low this winter by investing in a modern, energy efficient heat source. Easy to use, precise temperature controls put the power and savings in your hands when you partner with your local, reputable heating contactors. Connect with us to book an appointment to explore your options. Our product specialists are trained up-to-date the latest technology and can assist in matching you with the best system for your unique space.

Heat Pumps

When properly designed, and implemented, a heat-pump offers the ability to both heat and cool your home for a fraction of the price of traditional methods like oil and electric baseboard heaters. If you are tired of paying high utility bills or having to repair your aging heat pump on a regular basis, we can assist. We'll take the time to explain the benefits the latest technology can provide to you.


When problems with an old furnace arise, the last thing you want to do is pay high installation rates for sub quality workmanship or wait around all day for someone to show up to diagnose and fix the problem. Our responsive technicians are dispatched quickly offering comprehensive, no obligation estimates and a variety of brands and resolution options to choose from.

The depth of our experience in installing virtually every brand of furnace on the market sets us apart from the rest. We'll show up prepared to get to work for you, when you're expecting us and we'll work quickly and respectfully in your home or business. Expo Heating & Cooling professionals take great care to leave your home exactly how it was when we arrived. We're careful not to disturb flooring with footprints, and we clean up any left-over debris when we're done.

Commercial HVAC Installation

The commercial HVAC system that you rely on to keep your business environment running comfortably is a machine, and like any other, it will eventually need to be upgraded or replaced. Regular tune-ups, cleaning and refurbishment, when necessary, go a long way in keeping your heat bills from climbing. Investigate our HVAC install and maintenance services for businesses and industrial sites in The Woodlands.

Air Quality Matters

Filter allergens, dust particles and bacteria out of the air you breathe while heating and cooling your home or commercial space. Air quality plays a major role in your overall health and the health of those who frequent your space like your family, employees or customers. Speak to us today about the many benefits we can contribute to the air you breathe.

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