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Air Conditioning Repairs Spring TX

If you live in Spring, TX then you know it can get hot. With whole home HVAC systems and air conditioners, homes and businesses have a way to stay cool, but those systems require maintenance and, even with regular care, equipment failure can happen. When it gets really warm, the last thing you want to have is a broken air conditioning unit. Whether your home has an HVAC unit, or a stand-alone air conditioner, Expo Heating & Cooling has an expert team of technicians who are able to handle anything that might be thrown at them.

How Do I Know If I Need Air Conditioning Repair?

  • Water leaking by the HVAC or standalone unit may mean that there is a clog or disconnect in the drainage system
  • If your unit refuses to turn on then the thermostat may not be set correctly, or the power may not be cycling through the unit
  • When you’re A/C unit doesn’t cool enough air it may be a blockage problem in the filter or condenser, or insulation may be worn
  • If your air conditioner cycles on and off repeatedly it is likely a thermostat issue, or the problem may have arisen due to debris

A/C Maintenance

The best ways to keep your A/C running smoothly is to have it regularly maintained. There are two main benefits to having the A/C in your Spring home regularly maintained. First, by having the unit inspected you can catch small issues before they become big problems. This means that you will save money as the technician only has to perform minor upkeep instead of replacing broken pieces. The second is convenience. Air conditioning systems breakdown when they are working at maximum capacity in an environment that is hard to keep cool, i.e., on the hottest days of the year. The issue to consider is that on those days, many A/C units will malfunction and repair specialists will be in high demand. This could mean days before a professional can come to your home and fix the problem. To prevent this, have your system maintained.

A/C Repair and Air Quality

When you call on us to repair your system, remember to ask us about our indoor air quality assessment service. The air inside your home that you are breathing in may not be as clean as you hope. Bacteria, viruses, mold, dander and more affect air quality and can have serious adverse effects on health. Do you find that you have frequent headaches when you are at home in your Spring residence? Do your allergies to pollen continue when you are inside or last longer than the season? These can be an indication of poor indoor air quality.

A malfunctioning A/C unit can also harm the quality of your air as coolant can leak from the system and disperse into the air. After an air quality test, we can provide options for different air purifiers. We will tell you how effective different systems would be for your needs and which ones will fit with your proposed budget. If you are concerned about air quality, give us a call and we will answer all of your questions to the best of our abilities.

Why Choose Expo Heating and Cooling?

There is more than one air conditioning repair service in Spring, TX, so you may be asking yourself, “why should I choose Expo?”. We can tell you that Expo Heating and Cooling has been a leader in the field since it started more than a decade ago. We can also tell you that our staff is comprised of well-trained and courteous professionals who excel at troubleshooting and efficiency. But these are all things you have heard before from other companies.

What you cannot get from other companies is our highly-respected reputation in the field. We are very proud to have been given the Super Service award from Angie’s List for both 2013 and 2016. We also hold a five-star review rate on Yelp, thanks to our wonderful customers that were so happy with our work that they took time out of their busy schedules to show their appreciation. We invite you to check out those reviews for yourself to see what people are saying about us.

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Air conditioning units are sensitive, and properly maintaining them is important for their continued operation. Even with proper maintenance, however, the equipment can break down and when that happens, and you can no longer take the heat, call Expo Heating & Cooling. Our expert repair team has more than 20 years of experience serving the Spring, TX area. We know what we’re doing and we leave each customer satisfied, and cool.

Don’t swelter in the hot, Texas sun. Call us today.